Visual History of Lawns and Lawnmowers

The Changing Face of the Lawn Mower

What do cricket, croquet, lawn tennis and golf have in common? They all require a nicely mowed patch of grass before play can begin. The earliest lawn was the natural enclosure in a forest, and in medieval times, wide expanses of lawn became popular to create unobstructed views for castle guards. Pity the approaching marauder who had to tip-toe across an acre of finely trimmed grass! By the 17th century, the lawn had become a symbol of wealth and prestige. But, as we all know, grass doesn’t stay manicured for long and using a hand-held scythe was hard work. So while models have changed, the best lawnmowers have always performed the same task: maintaining a garden that leaves you longing for the green, green grass of home. Let’s take a look at how the technology has evolved over the years.

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