Why Wooden Flooring Is Still In Vogue

It’s been around now for a number of years – and there’s a reason for that. Wood – whether laminate or real – is still the number one choice in Ireland when it comes to flooring for our homes.

And there are no prizes for guessing why. It’s because wooden flooring is not only durable (you’ll regularly find homes with hardwood flooring which is more than a century old), it’s also warm on our feet on cold mornings and easy to maintain. Then there is the fact that it looks good too.

The benefits of hardwood flooring 

wooden floor

Quite simply, hardwood flooring looks beautiful. It can enhance any room regardless of décor ie whether it has a minimalist or rustic theme.

Once it’s down it’s there for keeps – or as long as you want it to be. In other words you won’t have to replace it for decades and only when (if) you fancy a change.

It’s easy to maintain. – A regular sweep or run over with the vacuum should keep your floors looking good as new while a damp cloth will remove any mud stains or food spills. Unlike with a carpet you don’t have to worry about any potential allergens for sensitive members of the family. And there’s no nasty smells with wood either. Your hardwood flooring will never go out of fashion and, because it’s wood will suit most décor schemes when you come to fit new furniture.

Hardwood flooring is often highlighted by estate agents as an added feature when it comes to selling on a property. In other words, it can actually add value to your home.  

The benefits of laminate flooring

A mixture of processed woods compressed at high temperatures, laminate flooring consists of an image and a protective clean melamine sheet (the latter making it extremely easy to keep clean and maintain).

The surface of faux flooring won’t fade if it gets exposed to a lot of sunlight because it has UV protection built into it.

Laminate flooring is far less expensive to buy than hardwood versions – in many cases up to 50 per cent less. Because of this it’s more accessible to the majority of home owners.

It’s not necessary to have laminate flooring sanded and re-varnished after a number of years as you would with hardwood (having said that, laminate won’t last as long as the ‘real deal’ hardwood).

It’s easy to replace areas of flooring since it’s simply down to removing a tile and replacing another.

Laminate flooring is quick and easy to install so you’re not looking at expensive labour charges.

What do you think about the differences between hardwood flooring and laminate? Is beauty and durability more of a pool than affordability, easier cleaning and replacement?

Here at Heiton Buckley we meet fans from both camps and most people have already made up their minds before coming to the store. However, it’s always an idea to come in and compare the look of both – after all you’re going to be seeing it for a long time to come.