Top Irish Buildings in Need of a Lick of Paint

There are some buildings in shabby states that make you wonder just who is responsible for its upkeep. There are those that are in need of a good clean, a lick of paint and perhaps a slight overhaul. Then, sadly, there are those where it’s too late. There’s nothing we can do, demolition is our kindest option. 

1.Department of Health – Dublin

Ah here. It doesn’t exactly instill faith in the health system does it? It was once flagged for demolition and who’s to say the job wasn’t started then abandoned half way through? Hard to tell, but from a distance it does have a certain ‘freshly bombed’ look. If buildings could talk, this one would be saying ‘owww’.  

Department of Health Image Source

2. Phibsboro Shopping Centre – Dublin

This is bleak. Some lonely trolleys adorn the walls under the brown overhang outside. Narrow windows hint at the darkness within, where soulless faces stare out with their empty eyes. Do not enter – they seem to say. 

Phibsboro Shopping Centre

Image Source

 3. Former Government Buildings, Sullivan’s Quay – Cork

Inspired by Orwell’s 1984. Or wait, maybe that was the other way round. Anyway, the white is browning and the windows are foggy. It needs a sprucing.

Former Government BuildingImage Source

 4. Hazelwood House – Sligo

So sure, it was built circa 1730 – that’s a fair old time to decay. But it’s a big old beautiful house just sitting there. Why not slap on a new coat, mow the lawn, and oil a few doors? 

Hazlewood House, Sligo

Image Source

 5. Liberty Hall – Dublin

It was once the tallest building in Ireland. Amazing social change was organised from meetings in its humble basement but in all fairness lads, the windows are yellowing, the paint is peeling. Pride of the city it is not.  

Liberty Hall

Image Source

 6. Ilac Centre – Dublin

What’s with those rainbow pyramids outside? Were they a mistake? Did a vandal posse of 80’s enthusiasts adhere them on? No one knows. We do know however, that they could do with a makeover. 

Ilac Centre

Image Source

 7. Dunnes Stores – Cork

Right in the centre of Cork, this red brick building is fast becoming a dirt brick building. Will someone please, please, just give it a wee scrub? It shouldn’t take too long (ish). 

Dunnes Stores CorkImage Source

8. Dublin Airport – Terminal 1 

Okay so the shimmering light that is Terminal 2 somewhat distracts from the cracked, grey and brown facade of Terminal 1. The terminal that for so long was a symbol of home for so many and the first impression for many tourists. 

T1 Dublin Airport

Image Source 

9. Ard Ri Hotel – Waterford 

Now demolished, this building was once so ugly and dilapidated it had to be hid in shame by tarpaulin for the Tall Ships Festival. Oh the shame! 

Ard Ri Hotel - Waterford

Image Source 

10. Brown Thomas – Limerick

So yet another one but this drab shopping centre leaves much to be desired. Not exactly inviting the shopper into its clutches. 

Brown Thomas Limerick

Image Source