Top Home Safety Devices You Need to Know About

Home safety is always on the mind of any home owner. Protecting loved ones can come at a cost but if your budget cant stretch to a custom built panic room, then maybe take a look at our list of Top Home Safety Devices You Need to Know About.


Outdoor LED motion sensor lights
For peace of mind and extra security in those dark patches of your driveway and garden. A quick blast of light is usually enough to deter most lurking burglars. Most are inexpensive and battery operated though more are working on wireless technology. Settings allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors to allow for strong weather conditions or to change the duration the light stays on for.

Outdoor lights


Belkin’s WeMo Switch
Gives you wireless control of lights, appliances and appliances in your home when you’re not there. You can turn on the immersion or heating before you get home or settle that niggling doubt about whether you turned off the Iron before you left that morning.
Enables you to turn on anything remotely from your phone and you’ll be able to turn it on and off from your phone. Works with any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 8 and higher.

WeMo Switch


Smart door locks
Gone are the days where you need to keep a spare key under the mat or flowerpot. The smart locks connect to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth and detect when you are outside and unlock the door. You can share ‘electronic keys’ to your friends/family that will allow them access at times you can control. Bluetooth locks tend to be more secure but have fewer features. The result is more ease of access, just don’t lose your phone!

Smart lock


Smart Cameras
You can’t always keep an eye on what’s happening at home but now Smart Cameras are more affordable as a DIY option and much more manageable. You can connect to your camera via wifi to access a continuous recording stream and save files to your iCloud in case they’re needed at another time. The most important feature is some cameras will alert you via a phone notification if there is some movement at home when you’re not there.

Smart Camera


Patio Door Security Bar
We tend to neglect the patio doors when it comes to safety but that’s where more burglars target as they’re easier to pry open. A simple and cheap security bar will secure your door and act as a deterrent as it’s also a visible device from the outside.

Patio door security


Dummy TV Simulator
Like something from a Home Alone film, this device projects alternating glowing lights that looks like you are watching tv from outside. Perfect for when you’re away and want the house to look occupied. Simple and cheap. Just don’t forget to warn your neighbours.

TV simulator


Carbon monoxide detector
Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home could save your life. It’s recommended that you get regular checks of your appliances, vents and chimneys but install a detector will give you that extra peace of mind. Depending on how many appliances/flues you have, more than one device may be needed.

Carbon Monoxide Detector