Top 5 reasons To Have A Stove In Your Home This Winter

The evenings are getting darker and the air is crisp and chilly. It’s time to start thinking about your home heating system. Something you maybe take for granted but there are other options out there besides costly central heating or your living room fireplace. Stoves are fast becoming a popular heating solution and here are five reasons why.

Keep The Heat In

Stoves retain more heat than a traditional fireplace. In fact an open fireplace allows up to 70% of its heat to escape straight up the chimney, whereas a stove will keep this heat in the room for you, even long after it’s gone out. It’s a no-brainer really as warm rooms don’t require additional central heating, thus reducing your bills in the process.

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Air-what? Air-wash technology in stoves means the heated air is channeled down behind the screen door to create a thin barrier between the fire and the glass. This means beautiful big flames can dance a few inches from the glass for your visual pleasure without turning it black with soot. The whole point is to curl up on the couch and watch the pretty fire right?

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Back Up

Stoves are either stand alone or boiler models. The latter act as support to your central heating so while they are heating your home they are also busy heating up your water tanks. Not just a pretty face then. 

Eco Friendly

Wood burning stoves use sustainable carbon-neutral sources for fuel with the main one being wood. This is good for the environment as minimal carbon is released into the atmosphere.The best to use would be untreated hardwood logs but some stoves can also take approved manufactured smokeless fuels too.

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Your fireplace should be the focal point of your room and the good news for the style conscious among us is that stoves look pretty cool. There are lots of different styles and colours to choose from whether you opt for insert or free standing model. There’s the artisan old-style for a traditional feel or a neat and clean white version for a modern vibe.