The Top 5 Most Eco-Friendly Homes In The World

It’s becoming increasingly more important with home improvement to incorporate eco-friendly methods into our homes. While many of us stop at recycling, we look to these five home owners for inspiration and commend them on the ways they have incorporated sustainability into the structure of their homes. Here are the Top 5 Most Eco-Friendly Homes in the Word.

1 – The Pavillion, London

The PavilionImage Source

This contemporary home in London is a ‘completely environmental house’ according to its architect Sam Cooper. It employs thermal design techniques and an airtight and mechanical ventilation. The ground floor is partly set below ground which utilises heat from the soil and adds to the discreetness of the property.

2 – Hemp Cottage, County Down

Hemp CottageImage Source

You can probably guess that hemp was one of the main part of the construction materials of this lovely eco-home in Northern Ireland. Hemp lime composite or ‘hempcrete’ to be exact which is eco-friendly. With sheep’s wool for insulation it ensures it’s always a very cosy home indeed. The good news is it’s available for holidays.

3 – Acqua Liana

Acqua LianaImage Source

Not all millionaires are grotesque in the designs of their magnificent homes. This expensive property in Florida is one of the most eco-friendly mansion in the world. Solar panels line the basketball court which generates enough electricity to run the estate. Along with reclaimed wood, eco-lighting and a water supply system, this is one friendly mansion.

4- Zero Carbon House, Birmingham

Zero Carbon HouseImage Source

This eco-friendly home does what it says on the tin. Solar panels adorn the roof, a water tank collects rain water to run the toilets and it takes advantage of as much natural light as possible to reduce electricity consumption. Fair play.

5 – Vashon Island Cabin, Washington

Vashon IslandImage Source

This island retreat boasts the best uses of natural light eco-friendly features in the most picturesque of locations. A combination of a hydronic system and solar power provides the heating and a dynamic window structure enables natural ventilation. All in all a natural experience in the countryside