Top 10 Tips To Create Your Own Home Office

These days most people are working second jobs, planning a back-up career (escape), or just simply need more time and space to organise their personal affairs. Renting a personal office is the stuff of dreams for most people but with some careful planning you can easily create your very own home office. It’s the perfect home improvement that potentially could pay for itself.

1- Space an issue? Think small. You can create a perfect little home office in those small and awkward spaces around the home that you didn’t know what to do with. Think under the stairs or at the end of a hallway. All you need is space for a small desk and chair.

Under the stairsImage Source

2- Convert a wardrobe into a mini office. One that can be packed away out of sight when you’re not using it.

Wardrobe officeImage Source

3- A wall-mounted fold-out desk or drop-down cabinet is a perfect place to rest your laptop when needed, without taking up any precious home space.

Drop-down deskImage Source

4- A cork board room divider can help shut you off from the rest of the world while you work, while also acting as a notice board. Similarly a pocket room divider can help you store office materials.

Room dividerImage Source

5- Slathering one wall or part of a wall in chalk paint will help ‘seal off’ the office area and enable you to scrawl your ‘To-Do’ list daily.

Chalk paintImage Source

6- Unclutter. Just because it’s your office space, doesn’t mean you need to store all your files and papers in there. Keep it down to just what you need on a daily basis and store all the bulk of your files out of sight or nearby. The more inviting the space, the more you will use it.

UnclutterImage Source

 7- Stay away from the TV. Whether you’re working from home full time or just organising your personal affairs, try to keep the office space away from distractions like TV or the living room. Noises of your family relaxing and enjoying themselves will tempt you away.


Image Source

 8 – The chair is probably the most important part. Treat yourself to beautiful, ergonomically correct and comfortable chair and the investment will pay off. You will want to sit there. Don’t scrimp with a spare kitchen chair or stool. It doesn’t have to be expensive but you have to want to sit on it.

The ChairImage Source

9 – After the chair, lighting is highly important, especially if you have taken over an unused dark space in the corner of the house. The more natural lighting the better but be sure to install any necessary lights or lamps to the area so you don’t strain your eyes.

LightsImage Source

10- Lastly you need to get very creative with your storage space. Wall mounted shelves are ideal, as are peg board wall organisers. Utilise the legs of your desk as a storage space but just remember not to clutter around your legs.

StorageImage Source