The Quick Guide to Flooring

flooringOf all the areas of a building, flooring probably takes the biggest battering, and so must be carefully selected.

While personal taste does come into it to an extent, there are practicalities to be considered as well.

Before you select the flooring type for a room, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much traffic will the floor receive? Is it a family room or a general open space for use by many people? Will there be animals walking across it and will there be children using it on a daily basis? All these things will affect your decision.
  2. What will the room be used for? A room’s purpose will affect your flooring choice. For example in kitchens durability and ease of cleaning are prerequisites so tiling or lino is usually a good option. For living areas people generally prefer laminate flooring or carpet for comfort.

Once you have established this, your basic choices are as follows:


Ideal for rooms where you want some comfort such as bedrooms and living rooms carpet can also be a design feature. Available in a variety of textures and styles there is something for everyone and there are hardwearing carpets available for high traffic areas such as stairs and hallways.


Hardwood floors are surprisingly durable. You can actually refinish them up to five times as you change your room’s décor and this option works for most rooms except bathrooms and kitchens.


Cheaper than hardwood these give a real wood effect and are suitable for use in rooms where hardwood is not an option. Relatively simple to lay they usually feature an interlocking tongue and groove assembly system.


This is an incredibly economical and hardwearing option that can be installed over most floors. Available in a variety of colours and styles and several finishes this is usually found in kitchens and bathrooms but could be used throughout a building if desired.


Ideal for rooms where the floor may get wet such as bathrooms and kitchens tiles are incredibly durable and will last for many years. With many finishes available from ceramic to cork to stone to wood there is something for every taste and they can also add an earthy look to your home when used in other rooms.

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