The Perfect Baby Nursery: DIY Ideas

A baby nursery is not only just a room. It is a multipurpose space that allows parents and baby to bound. An environment that is comfortable and filled with little things that serve a purpose. Here is our guide to ‘The Perfect Baby Nursery’


DIY Baby Gym

It may sound like a health-conscious trend gone too far but it’s simply a playground for when your baby starts to reach and grab for things to help them improve their development. This easy to make folds away when you’re not using it. DIY is always best for a personal touch.

Baby gym


Under Cot Storage

Even if your baby has a lot of clothes, they shouldn’t take up too much room so a chest of drawers or wardrobe may not be necessary. This guide shows you how to make your own but you can also repurpose an old drawer by adding some wheels and paint to match the cot. Saves space and looks great. Guide:

Under bed storage


Sentimental Items

Don’t store away your most precious baby items such as footprints and first shoes. Instead display them proudly like these deep glass frames.

Sentimental items



Capture a moment in time by recording the tiny handprints of your baby along the whole family with a DIY handprint picture. Better yet, do one each year to see how your child grows.

hand prints


Paint Stencils

An easy way to make a gentle pattern on your baby’s bedroom walls is to create your own stencil such as clouds, stars or flowers. Just paint over and repeat.

Paint stencils


Nappy Trolley

This simple but useful trolley holds all your nappy supplies and clothes changes and can be tucked away neatly or wheeled in to any room needed. Perfect for sudden nappy emergencies.

Nappy trolley


Wagon Bookshelf

Everyone with kids knows they love to bring their favourite things with them wherever they go. With this repurposed wagon looks great, they can store all their favourite books in the corner and wheel them room to room.



Teddy Zoo

This easy to make teddy zoo will provide a great space for all your kid’s toys and may even encourage them to tidy their teddys away at the end of each day.

Teddy Zoo


DIY Drawer Handles

It’s a revelation once you realise you can make drawer handles out of anything. Children’s toys such as these dinosaurs and animals make fun and unique handles and are easy to make. You just need a drill, hanger bolts, washers, nuts, glue and spray paint. You’ll want to do the entire house once you’re done.

Drawer handles