Protecting Your Oil

As the winter nights approach the task of protecting your oil is now more important than ever. With rising oil prices and heating costs the risk of domestic fuel tanks been targeted by thieves as well as farms and transport depots runs high. Homes are becoming victim to thieves taking oil from their tanks leaving residents with the unexpected cost of refuelling for the colder months.

Use deterrents 

Install an oil tank lock – this is a must and your first call to action!

Oil tank locks are:

  • Designed to fit almost any tank cover.
  • Durable of all Weather Conditions.
  • Fitted in just five minutes.
  • Recommend by leading oil supplier companies. 

Install an LED sensor light

  • the light will alert you to any intruders!
  • LED bulbs are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of illuminating a large area.
  • Sensor lights are designed to turn themselves off after a matter of minutes – there is no need for an off switch!
  • LED sensor lights can be installed anywhere – may it be a garden, a yard, porch or garage. 

Install an oil level gauge – These will make you aware of any unusual or large drop in your oil levels and give you peace of mind that you don’t unexpectedly run out! 

Disguise and hide

Make it difficult to see from the roadside and ensure your tank is not easily accessible. An oil tank over looking the resident’s window in itself will deter thieves. If fitting a new tank consider having a sunken tank (location permitting) or fitting the tank inside a secure building away from the farmhouse.

  • Plant shrubs and prickly hedging that will grow around it – Thieves are not as likely to wade through thorny bushes or hedges.
  • Build a fence around your tank– use timber or steel to hide your oil tank. Add a gate and lock the gate at all times.

Be vigilant

  • Try to vary your delivery days and times so if your being monitored by thieves you are unpredictable.
  • Do routine and regular checks for tampering, and note any tell tale signs your tank may be next to be targeted.
  • Listen out for any local news; listen to local radio or read local newspapers to see if you local area is being targeted.
  • Order only the amount of oil you need at any given time so as not to have a large excess in your tanks.
  • Report any suspicious activities or unknown vehicles in your area to your local Gardai.
  • * Oil Locks, Sensor Lights, Oil Gauges and Fencing are all available from Chadwicks and Plumb Centre stores.