Plan Now to Reduce your Bills this Winter

Rising utility bills have become such a bone of contention in Ireland in recent years that’s the topic has become something of a political hot potato. Everyone and their uncle it seems are understandably attempting to keep their home energy consumption as low as possible. Here at Heiton Buckley we can help out with that aim thanks to a number of products we currently have in store such as:

Solar panels

Not only will solar panels (which use energy generated from the sun and daylight in general) save householders lots of cash in ongoing utility costs, but the panels aren’t even particularly expensive to fit in the first place.

Solar Panels

These panels will provide both hot water and heating and are so eco-friendly that they end up putting energy back into the grid. Because of this the government is prepared to pay householders back through their feed-in tariff schemes. So, not only will solar panels help reduce your utility bill this winter, but you’ll actually get paid for benefiting at the same time. Result!

Combi boilers

If you don’t already have a gas combi boiler fitted in your home then it’s certainly worth considering. The reason these are so popular is down to their eco-efficiency and space-saving credentials. For instance they only heat the water you use and heating-wise your system will warm up instantly (so there’s no need to run them for hours). Size-wise they are extremely compact (ie there’s no need for an additional storage tank), making them perfect for smaller apartments. The higher the energy efficiency rating on the boiler you buy then the more money you’ll save on heating and water costs.



A cosy wood-burning stove doesn’t just add to your home in terms of décor, it’s also extremely inexpensive to run since it can supply both heating and hot water from very little wood. With a wood burner you’ll get the romance of a coal fire but with none of the messy soot or clearing up to be done afterwards where an open fire is concerned. And, because you can close the door of a wood burner, you’ll also retain more heat in the room. Not only that, but there’s no draughty chimney to introduce cold air either.

If you can’t afford to switch to any of the above three products then don’t worry. There’s other ways you can cut back on your utility bills this winter too. For instance:


Switch to LED bulbs. These have drastically reduced in cost within this part two years in particular. Yet, they only use 20 per cent of the energy a traditional incandescent bulb used. As a result their ongoing utility costs are extremely low. Not only that but they’ll last up to eight times as long

Turn down the thermostat overnight. If you’re still cold in bed then invest in flannel sheets and buy a hot water bottle.

Insulate windows and doors. They may not look particularly attractive,butheavy curtains and door excluders over areas where draughts are prone will make a big difference to your energy bills. Try it!

Why not take a look at some of our energy-saving products at Heiton Buckley today?