Painting a Fence – Tips

A good-looking fence is a large part of your home’s curb appeal. Wondering how to make your fence look better?You are at the right place. A paint job every few years to your fence will make it last longer and keeps it looking great. Not knowing if you are painting it properly or how to save your time? Here are some tips and consideration and also don’t forget to ask in store for the product which is best suited for you. 

Gather Your Materials

Use good quality paint and primer formulated for outside use. Paintbrushes may seem like they’re all alike, but they really aren’t. Cheap paintbrushes will lose their bristles, will quite likely have rough edges that cause blisters and some are even badly out of balance and will be tiring to use.

Prepare the fence

Clean your fence to remove dust,debris and dirt . Also mask off the areas you don’t want painted such as fence posts. Lay a dust sheet on the ground to avoid any paint from splattering which will cause more work.

Start to paint the Fence

First of all before starting, stir the paint well. Start painting in the direction of the grain, start from the top and work your way down.

They are different ways to be considered depending on the method.

1. While using a brush, paint the fence in section,paint the top edge and any vertical uprights first. Then move to the face of the fence.

2. While using a Spray, spray the fence the same method you would while painting with a brush. Use Spray for larger areas. 

Pick a suitable day to do the painting.

Certain weather conditions are ideal for fence-painting. Choose a day with no rain in the forecast and with calm winds and ample cloud cover. Never spray on a windy day as it may drift to an adjacent garden. Also, breezes can kick up debris that can stick to your paint job; bear in mind that, direct sun also will make the paint dry too fast and it won’t be able to provide proper protection.

Finally, leave the paint to dry for the time indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions and apply a second coat if necessary. And step back to admire your fence. With a little preparation and a couple coats of paint you made your fence look new again.

Head to your local Heiton Buckley’s store for all the tools, products and expert advice you need to start right.