Organise Your Kitchen Like A Boss

It’s a always a good idea to sort out your kitchen’s cabinets once in a while. For those of us not blessed with Martha Stewart’s impeccable sense of order, never fear, there are many quick and easy ways to utilise whatever kitchen space you have. Here are some tips that will have you shimmying around while you cook like a pro.

Magnetic Knife Holder

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A good chef displays his knives proudly. There are countless magnetic knife holders that you can mount on the wall or if you fancy yourself some DIY then make your own one by drilling holes into the back of a piece of wood, inserting magnets then fixing to the wall.

Wine Glass Holder

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Think outside the box. That rusty old rake gathering cobwebs in the garden? Remove the head, spruce it up and hey presto! A rustic looking wine glass holder that clears up some space in your cupboard.

Pots And Pan Lids

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They can be awkward to store once you have all your pots and pans stacked so why not attach the biggest lids to the back of the cupboard door using simple adhesive hooks or a towel rack?

Hanging Baskets

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Drill a small wire clothes line to the underside of your cupboards, attach peg baskets and you have a neat line of hanging baskets that can help keep your counters clear.

Cabinet Door Bins

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Like the pots and pan lids, you can also use the back of cupboard doors to store plastic bags or cloths with a slim line attachment like a peg holder. 

Magnetic Spice Rack

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Displaying your spices and herbs for all to see not only frees up valuable cupboard space but also says ‘I know how to cook’. Forgo the labels and it says ‘I really know how to cook, ’cause I know my paprika from my fenugreek’. Don’t want to fork out for a rack? Use the biggest magnet in the room, the fridge.

Oven Storage

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Carrie from Sex in the City stored clothes in her never-used oven. We’re sure you get proper use out of yours but it can often be overlooked as a storage space. Store oven trays, pots and pans in it while not in use.

Peg Board


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Learn from the best. Julia Child stored most of her kitchen items on a massive peg board above her counter top. 

Kitchen Island

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A small kitchen island on wheels can be tucked away until it’s needed. Store all your baking tins and devices away under the stairs and bring it out when you do your yearly bake, be it at Halloween or Christmas!

Pull Out Pet Food Tray

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Whether you’re a dog or a cat person this is a neat way to lay out your pet’s food and tuck away when done.

Sink Space

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Using an over-the-sink chopping board lets you rinse and chop food items all in one place while making room on other counters.