Let there be light

lightingOutdoor lighting is a great way to enhance an outdoor space, and can increase a property’s security.

Just remember that for any electrical installation, if you are not qualified to do it yourself, you will have to bring in a sub-contractor. Here are some of your outdoor illumination options:

Covered candles

There are many large candle holders designed for outdoor spaces, and with a large church candle inside, they provide a lot of light and create a wonderful ambience. However they are still a lighting candle and must be attended and treated as such so they are not ideal for security.


Smaller than their on-street counterparts, these are a really interesting design feature, and add a classic twist to any space. Widely available, there is something for every taste.

Fairy lights

A must at Christmas but beautiful all year around you can create a stunning effect stringing fairy lights through your trees and around your garden. Normal fairy lights won’t do for this and it is important that you invest in ones designed for the outdoors. After that you can get as creative as you like wrapping around a tree or archway for a focal point or just stringing them randomly around.

Solar powered garden accessories

These give enough of a subtle glow to mark your pathway, so you don’t stumble on it, but they utilise the power of the sun, so there are no fiddly connections. They come in numerous designs so there is bound to be something that works with your space.


The traditional caged light is still popular, thanks to being heavy duty and robust. In areas where sports are played, or in small spaces, they are an ideal lighting solution. More affordable than most other lighting options, these won’t necessarily create atmosphere, but should light your way nicely.

Security lights

These are not designed for atmosphere, but rather to protect your property with motion sensors, heavy duty covers and long lasting bulbs. Usually wall mounted, they require installation but since burglars look for homes with little or no lighting they are a proven deterrent.