Let There Be Light!

lightingThe right lighting can create an ambience in your home, and make any room instantly appear fresher and more chic.

While you could spend a fortune rewiring your whole lighting system there are far cheaper and less messy ways to achieve stylish lighting in your home. 

The Only Way Is Up

Uplighters placed in the corner of any room will pool light on the ceiling giving a feeling of increased space. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase but will make a huge difference. You can also place them in wall recesses to create a hugely dramatic look while filling what is usually wasted space.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors not only make a room look bigger by opening it up but they also reflect light both natural and artificial. The bigger the mirror the better the effect and they don’t have to be costly. Simply buy a mirror panel in a glassware store and mount it into an existing frame for something truly individual. Or try painting the frame to match the walls so that there is an almost seamless transition from wall to mirror.

Don’t Forget the Batteries.

There are many self adhesive, battery operated lighting solutions available that require no installation but will make a real impact. You can get funky strip lighting that works really well underneath kitchen cupboards adding a real ambience to the space. Installing these lights on the tops of your cupboards will bounce light off your ceiling giving warmth and space to the room. Try ones with a plug here so you don’t have to climb up each time you want to switch them on.

LED’s do it!

LED lights are a cost effective lighting solution and there are many stand alone, clip on and self adhesive options available if you don’t want to physically install new lighting. They work well run along a dark stairwell to light the way or think about attaching them to a head board for a stylish alternative to a table lamp for reading. There are so many styles available there is bound to be something to your taste.

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