Ladder Safety Tips– Do’s & Don’ts

At Heiton Buckley we stock various types and brands of ladders for a variety of uses. Ladders are typically used for reaching high distances which thus makes it very important within the workplace and at home.

Evaluation of your work environment and knowledge of what ladders are available, will allow you to choose the right ladder for a job. Each of the considerations addresses safety issues in your work environment. For your own safety find below a list of do’s and don’ts while using a ladder: 


  • DO make sure you are wearing the proper footwear. It’s hard to look down and see where your feet are placed when climbing a ladder. So take the guess work out and wear sneakers or work boots.
  • DO make sure the ladder is safe and in good condition, check all locks and bracers to avoid the ladder shifting or collapsing.
  • DO make sure it’s at the right angle for the job (70 – 75 degrees) set up the ladder on the ground, floor, or other level, stable surface. 
  • DO make sure the rungs are clean and secure
  • Do use ladders made of non-conductive material when working around power lines or other electrical hazards
  • DO use a helper if possible. Have someone stay at the bottom of the ladder to brace it and assist you if needed.
  • DON’T work near electrical or overhead hazards or in poor weather conditions where the ground is slippery
  • DON’T overload yourself with tools and materials
  • DON’T overreach to complete the task
  • DON’T stand on the top three rungs
  • DON’T use a stepladder over 20 feet long.
  • DON’T allow more than one person on a ladder. A ladder is only meant to hold one person at a time.
  • DON’T jump off the ladder and never skip rungs. Slow and steady is the key on a ladder.

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