How to get your tiles to sparkle

Besides the usual sweeping and hoovering routines what can we do to brighten up those dull, lifeless tiles? Don’t fret, there are ways to get the best gleam back on your tiles. We have come up with some tried and tested old school tips to help you to achieve sparkling clean tiles.


1. Vinegar and Warm Water

Lets start with the basic but very effective old school cleaning solution of vinegar and warm water. This is a commonly used trick when you have run out of your regular cleaning products. Vinegar is great at tackling stains on wall tiles above cooking surfaces. Remember not to use vinegar on hard wood floors as the acid can damage any delicate surface. Rinse the surface with cold water after you have finished rubbing any area with the vinegar.

Image Source: By Kotivalo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Kotivalo (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

2. Furniture Polish

This is a slippery but effective way to achieve that sparkling look to your floors. All you need to do is spray a clean dusting cloth or tea towel with at least ten sprays of your average furniture polish. Place your cloth on the floor and use the back of the brush to gently polish the floor tiles. Watch your step after using the polish as it will be a slip and slide area for a few hours until the polish dries in.

Image Source: "2005-06-25 Tiles together". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“2005-06-25 Tiles together” via Wikimedia Commons


3. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

I bet some of our readers spend time in the shower thinking of how to tackle the grim between the tiles. One creative solution may be to use what you already have at hand. Grab an old tooth brush and a little tooth paste to give the guilty, grim ridden tiles a good scrub. Once you have finished you can hose down any dirt that has fallen away from all of your muscle action. Convenient? We think so.

Image source: By Jonas Bergsten [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Jonas Bergsten [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

4. The Trusted Mop

This is an obvious but important cleaning tool. Some experts say that water is the most effective liquid for cleaning floor tiles. Therefore, the way you treat your mop can have a lot to do with the condition of your floor tiles. If you plan on using the same mop for different surfaces remember to steam clean the mop with boiling water before using it on your tiles. For streak-free tiles clean your mop bucket thoroughly, fill it half way with luke warm water and use your freshly cleaned mop to gently mop the surface.

Image Source: By W.carter (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By W.carter via Wikimedia Commons

5. Baking Soda

Does your cooker spit grease onto your kitchen tiles? A lot of the time you won’t even realise but bacteria can build up on these tiles if you are not careful.  One cleaning solution for the greasy tiles is a mixture of baking soda and warm water. Just get a large bowl of nearly boiling water, a few table spoons of baking soda and start scrubbing.

Image source: By Michael Francis McCarthy ( [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Michael Francis McCarthy

6. Lemon Juice

This is another common household staple that can be used both as a cleaning product and a side with any of your favourite drinks. Simply squeeze some lemon onto a cloth, gently rub each tile to clear it of any residue and rinse with warm water. After you have used any acidic product wipe over the surface gently with a damp dusting cloth.

Image source: "Lemon" by André Karwath aka Aka - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -
“Lemon” by André Karwath via Wikimedia Commons


Tiles are resilient and have a natural protective layer against dirt so don’t worry about having to replace them every year. The simple tips above will help you make those tiles sparkle.