How Often Should You Mow the Lawn?

We bet that many people reading this article have logged on in the hope that we’re going to say once a month or so… 

It’s the perennial sound of summer isn’t it? The sound of lawn mowers doing their stuff up and down the country says, “summer” like nothing else, but mowing your lawn can be a real chore and one people put off for as long as possible once the warmer weather begins. 

Of course, if you’ve had the fortune to purchase a lawn mower from Heiton Buckley, we know you’ll be finding grass cutting less of a chore thanks to the great products we stock, but here is some advice about lawn cutting and how often you need to carry it out anyway… 

The first point to state is that – there is no one answer to how often you should mow your lawn. It all depends on personal preference. Slightly longer lawns with wild flowers growing encourage bees and wildlife – and bees of course are essential for pollination so if you are growing flowers, fruit and veg in your garden, a longer lawn will be of benefit.

In addition, longer grass is more comfortable under bare foot so if you like using your garden to commune with nature, bear this in mind. 

Grass types have different ideal heights too, and you can check out this website to see what the idea height is for individual varieties. 

Over-cutting can result in yellow, unhealthy looking grass (and you may need to check that your lawn is getting the right nutrition if it needs fertiliser), but the general rule for grass cutting is that you cut one-third of the grass’s height when you mow so set your mower appropriately. 

If your lawn is really tall when you set out to cut it because you have left it a little longer than you should have done (ahem!), then it is best to cut it in batches – sticking with the one-third rule so that you do not overly stress the grass. 

grass cutting

In time terms, during the summer months (April to October) you probably need to mow your lawn once every one to two weeks, depending on how much rain there has been. If you get more rain, this encourages lawn growth and you may need to cut more often – perhaps once or twice a week. 

If we experience a very hot, dry summer like last year (and here at Heiton Buckley we are certainly hoping that this will be the case), then your grass cutting schedule can be relaxed during these months as the lack of rain will discourage growth. 

Similarly, do not shy away from grass cutting during the winter months as too long grass will reduce its quality, lead to moss invasion and give you a not-so-nice looking lawn. In other words, when you put that lawn mower back in the shed come October don’t put it too far out of sight! 

Please also see our article about lawn cutting safety.