Home Security & Alarms

Home security and safety within the home is paramount. In order to maintain a safe and healthy living environment, Heiton Buckley offers a range of products to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

We all know the importance of having a smoke alarm in your home to detect against smoke and fire. A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is one of the best and least expensive early detection systems against smoke and fire. Smoke alarms save lives and can serve to minimize damage to your property, but what about Carbon Monoxide (CO)?

Carbon Monoxide is a leading cause of accidental poisoning. It is odourless, tasteless and invisible – a silent killer. The only safe way to ensure you and your family are protected is to install Carbon Monoxide alarms in every level of your home. Carbon Monoxide can occur whilst using gas, solid fuel or oil and ad oil prices continue to rise in Ireland, customers are keen to keep a close eye on the amount of oil they are using.

An oil tank alarm can give you peace of mind on how much oil you are using and that you won’t unexpectedly run out as fuel levels are monitored in real time. The rising cost of fuel has also led to an increase in home heating oil theft. The first defence against home oil theft is to install an Oil Tank Lock to keep your home heating oil secure.¬†Check out our tips and advice on Oil Tank Security.