Give Yourself a Garden Room

One of the high spots of the Ideal Home Show Ireland’s display was undisputedly the Garden Room Home Extension. The show’s exhibitors re-created a very lovely extension (which, incidentally folks, doesn’t usually require planning permission) within the boundaries of their fab exhibit. And you can do this too!

Their exhibit, at SDL in Dublin, featured a beautiful 1000 sq ft arena with lots of fancy paving and landscaping. But it’s possible to re-create that in your own backyard. Yes, really!

In fact, here at Heiton Buckley we are firmly convinced that, were you considering adding a new extension to your home, it kind of makes sense to consider a garden room.

Garden roomImage Via MyHomeRocks

What is a garden room?

In its simplest terms a garden room is an additional room to your home that contains lots of plants. Unlike a garden shed, the Garden Room is a custom build but has a lot more sparkle! It is similar to a conservatory but takes a lot less work to build. A garden room is somewhere you can appreciate God’s graciousness in terms of foliage and flowers, but can also rest and relax in perfect contemplation. In other words, it’s a perfect room for reading in, or thinking while, at the same time, admiring the plants. So – a bit of both. But how does one acquire a garden room? Well, read on…

Determine whether the garden room is for you – or the plants

First off though – who is the garden room for ie you or the plants? It’s important to get this right at the offset because whichever it is will dictate how your living space is going to work out. For instance, if it’s for you then you’re maybe hoping for carpets? If it’s for the plants then they – and you – are going to be wanting tiles.

Tiles are always better for the plants and let’s face it, the latter are the stars of the room. Not only will you need tiles but you’ll also be looking to install the odd drain or two as well (in other words, carpets don’t have a look in). Some ventilation is also important, but not to extremes ie you don’t want your home to be an easy-access location for any burglars around.

Vintage Garden roomImage Via London property market

Benefits of a garden room

Regardless of the weather, those plants you’ve invested so much time in are going to grow. They have the temperature they require and the protection you’re providing them with in your garden room. Not only that, but they adore light so your garden room should have lots of lovely sunlight-giving glass in it.

This garden room of yours should also feel like an integral part of the house. In other words, it’s an extension of what is already there rather than an ‘add on.’ In the best case scenario you shouldn’t be able to tell where the kitchen begins (and whichever room you’ve added it to) ends.

Think about the direction of that lovely sun too. If it’s not in your garden room, then heating is going to become an issue. In other words, adding a garden room isn’t like an extra bedroom or guest extension ie there is living entities here to be considered. And when you do, we promise – your home will benefit one hundredfold.

Planning permission

Based on Irish planning regulations, In most cases Garden rooms do not require planning permission because it usually falls into the category of class 3 exempted development
(s.i. no.600/2001).  Exempt development is any development for which planning permission is not required. However it is possible that you have used up some or all of your 25 sq meters exemption in your garden.

Please Contact your local Planing permission authority before beginning any construction as in some cases (over 25 sq meters) planning permission may be required. More info here