Give Your Garden A Full Spring Clean In Just A Day

No doubt your garden is in need of a little TLC after the winter months. Give Your Garden A Full Spring Clean In Just A Day.

Before you begin scrape your nails over a bar of soap, this is to stop dirt from getting under your fingernails, sure you could wear gloves but this old gardener’s trick shows you mean business.

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To begin take a pair of garden shears and cut off and dry, dead stalks from your perennials for the less green fingered among us perennials plants that live for more than two years. Keep going on the shrubs and bushes chopping off the dead leaves, twigs and, if it bothers you, the ‘sticky-outy’ bits. When pruning bear in mind that you are aiming to allow the sun to reach the centre of the plant.

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Now is the time to drag a rake through the tangly mess of your garden taking care around the buses and shrubs. If you laid down some mulch previously then rake that up too and throw the whole lot on to your compost heap. Don’t have one? Better late than never and spring is the perfect time to start.

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By now any weeds that shot up over winter should be visible so start pulling these out by hand where you can. Remember to not add these to the compost unless you quite fancy seeing them return in their numbers.

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After weeding mulch can be added to stop them returning and to help keep in the moisture. One bag may be all you need for a small garden, layer around the edges of your plants leaving a few inches so you don’t smother the stems. Crushed stones or pebbles can work too.


Hose down any paving or concrete areas. If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden you could buy or hire a pressure washer to clean up the larger areas or get in at the smaller areas with a scrubbing brush and soapy water to get everything looking sparkling new. Don’t neglect to clean your watering can either to prevent any fungal disease forming.

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Plant bedding plants now in treated soil for a lovely bloom come summer.

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Replenish faded garden furniture with a lick of paint, they may be in need of a light sanding first if you have the time.

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Spruce up your garden tools but sharpening and cleaning or replace old rusty ones by treating yourself to something brand new.

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Pick up some bordering or garden sleepers from your local DIY store and decorate a small trench between the grass and your plants to complete your hard day’s work in style.

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