Finishing Touches

finishing-touchesIt’s all well and good being able to build furniture from scratch (or flatpack) but it is the finishing touches you employ, that give it that touch of finesse and take it from basic to beautiful.

Here are a few things to consider:

Colour Me Beautiful

No matter what you are creating a splash of colour can make a huge difference. Consider where it is going and work around the current colour scheme if you can. Also get clever in your colouring. Anyone can give a piece of furniture or a unit a lick of paint but mix it up. Look at using different complimentary colours on each side. For example with dressers it can be fun to paint the drawers a different colour to the rest of the unit.

Get Crafty

Most arts and crafts shop sell stencils which can be used to give a truly unique look to the furniture you’ve made. These work well anywhere but can be especially effective on table tops. If you’re very artistic you could try drawing a design freehand yourself. After application give the unit a coat of clear varnish to ensure longevity of your designs.

Chips & Stones

Decorative chippings are usually found in driveways but can also be glued to the surface of furniture to give it an earthy look. The more haphazard the shapes the more effective it can be. If you’re going to use this on a table top then cover it with glass to ensure a smooth surface. This looks especially good on garden furniture and can pull together a patio nicely. It’s time consuming but worth it and the end effect is like a marble collage.

Handle With Care

If your furniture requires a handle there is no rule that says you have to use a bog standard one. There are a variety of quirky handles and knobs available or you can fashion one yourself. Again think about where the furniture is to be used but how about fashioning cutlery into handles for kitchen units or perhaps use trowels or similar small garden implements for door handles on garden sheds. Do remember to blunt down anything like that before using to ensure the safety of those using it.