Coping with the Garden in May

May – don’t’cha love it? Sunshine is on its way, we want to spend more time outdoors and – better still – the buds are starting to appear onour favourite flowers. Having said that,there is much to anticipate but a lot still to be done in our gardens this month if we want to stay on top of things greenery-wise.

That’s because the start of summer brings the the kind of weather that’s unpredictable and because of this it can cause havoc to many a flourishing plant or flower we suspected to be in the full throws of bloom. So, what we can do to stay on top of things and save those precious plants of ours?

Well, read on…

April flowers

Declare war on weeds

This is the month that weeds really spring in to action (along with the flowers and plants) so it’s important to cut them down at the start. This way you’ll allow more room for what you really want to see blooming in the garden later this summer.

Nourish summer blooms

That means roses, hydrangea, clematis and other shrubs and climbers by giving them plenty of fertiliser to encourage their growth.

Sympathise with shrubs

Give them plenty of compost but try not to get too close to their stems as this can cause unwanted fungal growth.

Get vegetables planted

Beetroot, potatoes, onions, salad vegetables, beetroot and broad beans – now is the time to get them all in the ground. Start off in seed trays then when the first green growth starts to develop quickly transplant them into the soil outdoors.

Vegetable patch

Lavish lawns

It’s easy for lawns to go awry at this time of year so make sure you keep that grass in good condition by watering it with a slow-release high-nitrogen content fertiliser(organic, if possible). If you’re in the process of sowing a new lawn then now is the time to do it. 

Get clever with cuttings

Now is the time to take cuttings of your best plants for next year. It’s also a good time of the year to get cutting those grasses and bamboos (half their quantity) with a bread knife. 

Ponder the pond life

The fish deserve some breathing space too so clear away all that dead growth from over the winter. Now is the perfect time to do it while the warm sun beats down on the water. Add some slow release plant food to keep what is already there in tip-top condition for the fish to nibble on.


Beneficial bugs

Not all bugs are the enemy – in fact, far from it. However, sometimes we do need to do a little annihilating. Both lily beetle and rosemary beetle need to be dealt with at this time of year. However, it’s best not to spray chemicals; rather try and pick them off the leaves if possible.

So, how’s your garden looking this spring? If it’s not as tip top as you hoped it would be then why not pop in to our garden centre and pick up a few tips, plants or gardening tools?