Conserving Water in the Garden


garden_water_buttThe only downside to this gorgeous weather is that the water ban is still in place. Minimise your water consumption with these 4 handy tips!

1) Get a rain barrel and a rain gauge

We get so much rain it seems a shame not to utilise it properly in order to maintain our gardens. Connect a rain barrel to one of your gutters to get a ready supply of water for your plants. Installing a rain gauge as well will allow you to keep track of how much water mother nature has supplied your garden and you can decrease your watering time accordingly which will also help prevent overwatering.

2) Improve your watering techniques

If you’ve just been pouring water over your plants you are wasting more water than you realise. Just a little thought and planning can instantly reduce the amount of water you need to maintain your garden. Things like planting your garden on level soil can make a huge difference as there is no waste from runoff water. When watering point your water sourceĀ  directly at the plants. You’d be amazed how much water you waste watering the garden path or surrounding areas when you just spray it willy nilly. Also water your plants as early as possible in the morning before it gets to hot and you won’t lose nearly as much to evaporation.

3) Lose the hose

Sometimes old school really is best. Garden hoses generate a lot of waste – most of it through improper use. Go back to a good old fashioned watering can which will allow you to distribute exactly the right amount of water to the soil with little or not waste. Another efficient watering method is drip irrigation although it will take money and time to install. Drip irrigation systems deliver water to the soil through hoses with tiny holes in them meaning that the water soaks in slowly to the soil. It’s a good investment long term as it will ultimately reduce the amount of water you will use.

4) Keep on top of the weeding

Weeds will simply absorb water and food resources that are intended for your plants and also make your garden look rather unattractive. Clear your garden of weeds before planting anything and if they should spring up again keep on top of removing them to ensure that your garden is getting all the moisture it needs rather than these parasites.