Bright Ideas to Improve Your Flooring

While often a costly exercise, changing the flooring style in your home can have a dramatic impact and breathe new life into a tired room. It can be hard to think outside the usual carpet or laminate for something new. We have rounded up some alternative ideas for inspiration when it comes to making the big floor change.

Stripped Wood Flooring
If you’re lucky enough you might just have beautiful wood flooring lurking beneath stained carpets in your home. Flooring that’s crying out for some TLC. If so then you’ll need to rip up the carpet in sections, hammer down any protruding nails and get to work on cleaning the wood. Next use a mechanical sander to smooth out the entire surface. You can rent one from your local hardware store. Be sure to use a hand sander on the parts you can’t reach like the corners or ensure your sander is one that can reach the edges. After sanding hoover up the dust and wipe the floor clean with white spirit. When it dries out you’re ready for the varnish.

Stripped wood flooring


Inside Out Floors
The concept of inside out flooring is to continue a space seamlessly from inside the home right out into the garden or patio space. While this is usually a luxury afforded to those in hotter countries it can work in our colder climate with certain materials and in expanding out into covered areas like a conservatory. The continuation of the floor to the outside will create the feeling of the space being bigger without actually adding any more space. If it’s not possible to continue with the same material than the floors with similar colour and texture will work just as well. Wooden floors will work well as they can be weatherproof for outside as well as concrete floors.

concrete floor - inside to out


Cork Flooring
If you’re looking for an ecologically sound floor that’s soft underfoot, cork floors are it. Ideal for a kitchen floor as the ‘give’ means it’s gentle on the feet and comforting on the legs if standing for a long period of time. This natural and renewable material is also a great insulator and offers good acoustics with its absorbing quality. It’s an extremely durable flooring choice and if laid correctly could last up to 40 years. What’s not to like?

Kork-Boden - angenehmes Fuß-Gefühl


Faux Bois
Faux bois is the artistic representation of wood or wood grains in various media. If not done right it can look tacky but applied with care it adds lovely texture. One way to partake in this trend is to stamp concrete floors to look like wood. The bonus is you get a strong and durable material that looks like natural wood. Might be a job best left for the professionals to ensure a realistic result.

Baux Bois 2


Penny floor
There’s finally a use for all those pennies you’ve been hoarding in jars and bags for years and it’s not to cash in at the bank, but to put directly into your floors. Well, on them anyway. Due to the tedious nature of this job it’s advisable to opt to try it out on a small floor space like a utility room or bathroom or pay the kids to lay it down.



Wood and Brick
Stone and brick floors with wood inlay make a lovely mix and is a great way to combine the best of these natural materials especially if you can’t afford to go for all of one hard floor material. The biggest problem with these floors is ensuring that the bricks are flush with the wooden inlays but once in it will look like it’s been there for a hundred years.

Wood and stone


Carpet Tiles
Hear the term ‘carpet tiles’ and you automatically think of grey and depressing office spaces but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some companies will sell carpet tiles by the tile which means you don’t have to cover the entire floor, as that screams ‘office’, but instead select a few to make a neat and custom made rug. Inexpensive too.

Carpet tiles