Blundering Burglars And Other Tales

TV, films and books often glamorise crime and those who commit it, but have you ever wondered at the sheer stupidity of the criminals out there?

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But we thought you might appreciate a quick look on the lighter side with these blundering burglars, thick thieves, rubbish robbers, mindless mobsters and lunatic law-breakers…

Too Fat to Steal

Sometimes you need to be fit for purpose – and if you are going to break into a place, you need to be able to fit into what can often be a small space.

Clive Webster found this out to his cost when he attempted to break into a department store in Ilfracombe – through a small hole which was just six foot away from the burglar alarm. Defending his client, barrister Tim Hook said that if there was such a thing as a school for burglars, this tale would be told to them on the first day as an example of what not to do.

Smell Gives You Away

Then there was the case of Stephen Barton, who called the police because he had been burgled. What he had forgotten – or perhaps not realised – is that the police might notice the cannabis farm he was running from his home. Barton was sentenced to 16 months in jail.

Consider Your Disguise

A disguise is always a good idea if you are going to embark on nefarious activities – but consider the whole disguise. Criminal William Stewart decided to wear a balaclava to raid a Glasgow shop.

Unfortunately for him, he was wearing exactly the same clothes he had worn when he visited the shop earlier that day. His distinctive stutter didn’t help either! He was sentenced to 45 months in prison.

Open and Shut Case

Nefarious activity lessons number 4 – check your target’s opening times. Would-be bank robber Christopher Allen Koch arrived at the Citizens & Northern Bank in New York at 11.40am and then chose to spend 20 minutes sitting in his car in the bank’s parking lot.

He had not checked the bank’s opening times (displayed on its door) and had therefore not accounted for a 12pm closing time. He attempted to enter the bank at 12.01pm but the bank employees inside had already spotted him wearing his ski mask, gloves and armed with a gun. They were able to get his licence plate and notify the police, who arrested and charged him with attempted robbery and possessing the instruments of a crime.

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