9 Hilariously Dishonest Vintage Ads

Imagine how easy advertising would be if you could just say anything you wanted without repercussions? A strategically placed picture of a scientist could validate almost anything. Suggestions or ‘proof’ that a product drove the opposite sex wild would have the public beating down your door. With regulations in place these days advertisers have to be more creative, but in the golden days of advertising the rule was ‘anything goes’. Bags of sugar were pawned off claiming to improve metabolism and there seemed to be no sense of responsibility when selling to children.

1 – Lucky Strikes

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One vice for another. Just replace sweets with cigarettes and watch the weight drop off. Really good advice guys, cheers. You could also try starting your children off with the chocolate cigarette packs? Then wean them off onto the real thing. Just a suggestion.

2 – Vitamins For PEP

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So let’s get this straight. They’re selling vitamins but have also taken it upon themselves to encourage a woman to do more housework. Hmmm. Not too dissimilar from the old nugget of, ‘Hey, how about you do the <insert laborious chore here> and I’ll time you?!’

3 – Asthma Cigarettes

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Surely the name is an oxymoron? The marketing seems somewhat confused, while it doesn’t claim to cure asthma, it can cure bad breath! By distracting with a lovely ash-tray aroma perhaps?

4 – Cellophane

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Nothing wrong here, just a bit of baby wrapping. What better way to advertise cellophane than seal up a baby in it, including covering their head. They obviously never tested this.

5 – Sugar Baby

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Babies just love soft drinks don’t they? Besides this being incredibly unhealthy for a growing child, the idea of 7up and milk? Yuck.

6 – Sun Tans

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Is your baby pale and unattractive? With this sun lamp your baby can be the envy of all the other babies at, well, wherever all the good looking babies hang out. Poor vintage babies. It surprising they made it out alive. It seems people kept thinking up new ways to harm them.

7 – Cough Syrup

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Really handy stuff if you want to cure a tickly cough or, say, throat cancer.

8 – Obesity Soap

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Oh if only it were this easy. Just create a bit of a lather and watch the fat drip right off. Lovely imagery too this flesh-reducing soap. Would make a great stocking filler wouldn’t it?

9 – Alcoholism Cure

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So this is where the old ‘pretend it’s an article’ trick originated. Clever advertising. Bit sneaky though London Lady whoever you are and did you ever think maybe he didn’t want to be cured?