9 Examples of Spectacular Garden Art

From teeny little gardens in flower pots to awe inspiring structures carved into the landscape here are 9 amazing pieces of garden art.

1. Montreal Botanical Gardens (Jardin botanique de Montréal)

The botanical gardens in Montreal are admired for their many a themed garden and some mighty impressive topiary – which is the art of shaping and sculpting plants into awesome shapes.

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2. Keukenhof Gardens

The Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands are only open in spring and are famous for their vivid use of colour, showcasing the brightest blooms that spring can offer.

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3. Garden Installations

This simple but effective garden installation in Park Chaudfontaine in Belgium by Turkish born artist Mehmet Ali Uysal just uses a natural-looking curve of the earth to appear as if being pinched by a clothes peg. A giant one at that.

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4. Chicken Wire Sculpture

English artist Derek Kinzett has the knack for creating these eerily beautiful sculptures that are unassuming enough to blend in but offer up a ghostly presence.

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5. The Show Jumper

Derek is not the only artist using chicken wire. Ivan Lovatt creates many magical sculptures including this show jumping horse that creates a great sense of movement.

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6. Fun For Kids

Simply painting some rocks can be a great way to get kids involved and add some fun to your garden.

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7. Fairy Gardens

You don’t need a big garden to house garden art as this innovative fairy garden demonstrates using a simple flower pot. A simple place to start your foray into garden masterpieces.

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8. Magical Art

South American artist Bruno Torfs designed gardens in Australia that seamlessly blend his sculptures into the natural environment, creating a garden of fantastical garden that wouldn’t look out of place in Lord of the Rings.

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9. Maze

You can’t talk about garden art without mentioning a maze at some stage. This maze in Northern Ireland is impressive for its size but also its message. The Peace Maze was set up in 2000 representing the path to a peaceful future for Northern Ireland. The aim is to get to the peace bell in the centre which is said to be rung over half a million times a year. A-MAZ-ing!

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