9 Apps Every Builder Should Be Using

The site is the most important place for a construction professional to be, but paperwork regularly steals them away, back to the office. Technology has come to the rescue with many management apps and devices that allows professionals to measure up, make estimates and send invoices, all from the heart of the job, the site.


We’ve chosen 9 of the best apps that no professional should be without.

1) Fieldwire

This easy to use construction management app specialises in sharing plans, blueprints and schedules. From designer of the plans to the men on the ground, everyone can check in and see the updates on plans and blueprints. Another great app that’s similar in purpose is the popular PlanGrid.



2) Construction Manager

This organisational app helps professionals keep on top of their projects and cuts down on paperwork too. Not unlike a personal assistant, it can keep logs of maintenance reports, estimates, contacts and notes.

Construction Manager



3) Tradies

This easy to use app helps log information on orders, quotes, site instructions and is particularly useful for invoicing. It can be customised to suit whichever trade you’re in. Great for small businesses.




4) I.D. Wood

This reference app for iPhones and iPads is an iTunes staff favourite and allows construction professionals to identify, name and find extra details of over 200 wood types from around the world. This app is also useful for anyone interested in impressing with their superior knowledge of wood specs and uses.

I.D Wood



5) iHandy Carpenter

Another woodworking app, this one acts as a multi-tool, allowing you to use a spirit level, ruler and protractor.




6) Construction Manager pro

This is a construction style calculator specialising in dimensional maths and conversions, right angle, area and volume solutions. Perfect for construction professionals, or leaving cert maths students.

Construction Master Pro



7) OHM’s Law calculator

Sometimes the simplest apps are the best and most used. This app is a must-have for any sparky. It calculates voltage, resistance, current and power from any 2 given values.

OHMS Law Calculator



8) Planimeter

This app helps professionals to measure distances, land areas and GPS coordinates on a map. Also a handy app for farmers and landowners.




9) Share my toolbox

This app connects employees to the company toolbox catalogue and let’s items be requested and traced by searching the transaction history. No more looking around to see who took your claw hammer as you can see exactly who took it and when.