8 Steps to Create the Perfect Home Cinema

Home entertainment rooms have long replaced unused dining rooms and living spaces. A home cinema can be the perfect way to entertain guests, impress friends or even as a chill out area for kids. It is easy to create the perfect home cinema with a few simple tips from Heiton Buckley


1. Select the Right Space

The atmosphere in a cinema is mostly created by the fact that you can only hear the sound of the movie. If you are setting up your cinema room make sure you pick a room that is away from the noisy areas of the house i.e. the kitchen, front door, back door and dining room.

Home Cinema 1


2. Lighting is key

A cinema room needs to be pitch dark to re-imagine the cinema experience. The right lighting can create the perfect mood for a movie night.

Home Cinema 2


3. Cinema seats are comfortable

The seating plays a crucial part is creating your cinema room. Relining chairs and sofas are ideal for this kind of entertaining. If you don’t have the budget to invest in deep-seated lounge chairs try filling your harder sofa with soft cushions.

Home Cinema 3


4. A projector or a screen?

When you are deciding how to showcase your favourite movie you can choose the 52-inch plasma screen of a home projector.

Home Cinema 4


5. The right remote control

When you are ready to press play for your movie you don’t want to have to get up and down to change the channels, pause or play the movie so make sure to get a remote control that allows you to control everything from your seat.

Home Cinema 5


6. Use moveable trays for your treats

So now that you have all of basic furniture and lighting ready for your cinema all you need to think about are your treats that come part and parcel with any good movie. Purchase some coloured, moveable trays that either clip onto the sides of your seats or stack neatly beside your chairs.

Home Cinema 6


7. Popcorn

To add a pop of flavour to your cinema room why not have your own popcorn-making machine. These can be expensive but worth it when mimicking the cinema style.

Home Cinema 7


8. Lights, camera, Action!

Now you are ready to have the ultimate movie. Make sure to check the sound system, lighting, and quality of the movie and prepare your popcorn in advance.

Home Cinema 8