8 Ridiculous DIY Fails

Art some point we have all been there. We recognise a DIY job in need of attention and think to ourselves “that should be easy enough”. However, the end result is not exactly how we planned. Here at HeitonBuckley, the home of DIY, we take a look at 8 ridiculous DIY fails we came across and wanted to share. Enjoy.


1) Toilet fail

Now we’re all for making use of small spaces, but there’s saving space and there’s just plain stupid, not to mention unhygienic.



2) Headlight fail

These guys are miles ahead than the previous DIYers as at least they’ve thought of the indicator with this one. Still not advisable but in the world of dodgy headlights, they’re one step ahead.



3) Double lightswitch fail

It probably does work, and it’s fine if you’re not bothered about aesthetics or respect for your craftsmanship. Like, at all. In the slightest.

Light Switch


4) Hedge trimming fail

We sympathise with all the gardeners out there with tall hedges and the nightmare it is to keep them in shape, but this really takes the biscuit. We definitely don’t recommend you try this, for so many reasons.



5) Roofing fail

Not quite a DIY job but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the professionals does it?



6) Outdoor painting fail

When you hear of someone painting outdoors, you think the outside of a house or perhaps a fence. Not the side of a massive cliff. Apparently this man in Qijiang, China man painted the side of a cliff green as he claims it would improve the feng shui of his nearby home. We don’t know if it worked but we do know it’s just plain wrong.

Green Cliff


7) Sink fail

Sometimes it’s best to wait for the correct fixtures rather than hoping it will do. So close, so close.



8) Stair fail

Now technically these stairs do the job but you wouldn’t want to be in a hurry and take that corner at any high speed.