8 Inspiring Flooring Options For Your Home

We love when people think outside the box, so with this post we’ve tried to pull together some inspiring and somewhat unusual flooring options. We’ve tried to keep the list to include options that are somewhat achievable for the average homeowner. But just for fun we threw in a few wacky ones too. We hope you enjoy!


1.Vintage Barrel Collection Flooring

The amazing people at Fontenay have created this fabulous flooring made from reclaimed wine barrels and tanks. It offers a beautiful hand-finished and hand distressed look. As you can see in the above, the prints of barrel numbers stand out fantastically.

Floor 1Image Source:


2.Painted Squares on Wood

Simple and easy to create we love this rustic look. The striations of the wood provide natural curved contours to cut the straight lines of the painted squares.

Floor 2Image Source


3.Painted Pattern on Concrete

Who says something old and worn can’t be pretty? This is a brilliant way to rejuvenate and give life to old concrete floors. Unfortunately we couldn’t find out how the creator achieved the look. But we guess it was with a stencil and paint. So not to hard to replicate.

Floor 3jpgImage Source

4. Tigerwood Cork

This Portuguese cork flooring is perfect for modern spaces. Its unique tiger stripe pattern is eye-catchingly beautiful. Cork is an amazing material to use for flooring, as it’s both durable and soft underfoot.

Floor 4Image Source

5. Block Color Carpets

Introducing colours to your home is a great way to give it life and rejuvenate it.  We love how this block red brings the hallway together.

Floor 5Image Source

6. Floor of pennies

Were you ever wondering what you should do with you old pennies or coins? Well the Standard Hotel New York has an innovative solution. A penny floor! Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch at Roman, a New York-based design company were the design brains behind it.

Floor 6Image Source

7. Wine Cork Floor

Similar to people saving coins, for those of you saving corks there is a good use for them too! The above is a lovely spot for a glass of wine we think you will agree!

Floor 7Image Source

8. Jigsaw Flooring

This amazing take on traditional wood flooring is from the Jamie Beckwith Collection.  It’s created using an engineered plank and is installed by simply gluing it down.

Floor 8Image Source