8 Household Chores That Double As Calorie Burners

We know how it goes. By the time you get home from work you’re too tired to do anything other than eat dinner and plonk down in front of the tv. You tell yourself that exercise can wait til tomorrow. It’s hard enough to get motivated without the icy January chills keeping us indoors but what can’t wait is the housework. Unless you’re happy to live in squalor, someone’s got to do it. A clever idea is to multi-task. So switch on some tunes, put on your sports gear and turn your regular chores into a work out. Here’s our “8 Household Chores That Double As Calorie Burners”.

1) Scrubbing

Whether it’s wooden floors throughout the house or the bathroom tiles, get down on your hands and knees and get to work. Make sure to really put your back in to it. Using wax on the wooden floors will give a better work out and tackling those stubborn soap stains in the bathroom will be sure to get the heart racing. A good 30 mins of this can burn up to 200 calories and is a great workout for your shoulders, back and arms. Just remember to alternate arms.


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2) Vacuuming

This is the perfect time to integrate some lunges into your cleaning. Work on your abdominal muscles too by clenching and relaxing them as you go. An hour of vacuuming can burn up to 200 calories.


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3) Ironing

Place your laundry basket on the floor and keeping your back straight, squat down for each item. Remember to switch arms regularly when ironing and have some fun, really stretch and glide into each stroke.


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4) Cooking

While a lot of cooking is standing still waiting on sauces to heat up or food in the oven, why not work on your balance with a standing yoga move or throw in some squats and star jumps. Skip the blender where you can and chop as much as possible to work your arms. A little goes a long way.


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5) Rearranging

Pushing furniture around your living room can make you work up a sweat pretty quickly. Most of us don’t have massive tyres lying around to flip over like they do in fancy gyms so we have to improvise. Change up your room regularly for a good work out. Just remember to bend your knees.


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6) Sweeping and mopping

The most traditional of chores and a great excuse to work in some exercise. Turn on an up-tempo song while you work and be sure to pull back on alternating sides as you go so as not to build up muscle on one side only.


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7) Hand washing

Wringing and draining clothes while handwashing can be a tough job and great for building the biceps. You can also integrate some leg work. Make like a ballerina and incorporate some rear leg lifts and calf raises which are perfect for this chore, stand on your tip toes and slowly return your heels to the ground. Repeat.


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8) Hair drying

This one is for those with long hair. Simply holding your arms up while you dry your hair can be a small workout in itself so use every chance you get. Keep your feet hip distance apart, back straight and remember to switch arms regularly.


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