7 Sneaky Storage Ideas

Decluttering our homes is always big on our priority list. We love new storage ideas and little additions that make big differences. We’ve put together some of our favorite storage inspirations. Check them out below.


1. Under Stairs Storage

We love these under stairs storage units. Created by Irish company SmartStorage they take the back bending out of stair storage. The units slide out easily, creating easy access to what you decide to store in there.

Storage 1 Understairs

Image Source: SmartStorage


2. The Shoe Wheel

Do you have too many shoes? We know, there’s no such thing. The real issue is storing shoes. The shoe wheel is a fun storage tool. Plus it stores up to 30 pairs of shoes at a time.

Storage 2 shoe storage_ideas

Image Source: SmartStorage


3. Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are a must for storing clothes, bedding, towels and pillows. They allow you to make the most of the storage you have. They are a definite key to storage success throughout the home.

Storage 3 Vacuum Bags

Image Source:


4. Little Black Dress Jewelry Organisers

This LBD is the answer to bedroom clutter. Jewelry boxes and/or jewelry no longer cover surfaces. We love how easy it makes it to find different jewelry.

Storage 4 LBD

Image Source: Howards Storage World


5. Under Bed Storage

Ideal for extra bedding, clothes and towels these under bed storage boxes can slip easily under most beds. Storage can be maximized when using vaccum bags to compress items.

Storage 5 Underbed

Image Source: Howards Storage World


6. Under Sink Storage

These under sink drawers make use of an under utilized storage area. So often under sinks is a mess of cleaning products and cloths. Inserting drawers makes it all so much more manageable.

Storage 6 Undersink

Image Source: nickdawsons-renovations


7. Velcro Ties

Velcro ties have been a revolution for us. They give order to the spaghetti junction often found behind televisions and entertainment systems.

Storage 7 Velcro Wires

Image Source: Ebay