7 Awesome But Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is something you never grow out of. Whether you’re teenager pretending you don’t care or a middle-aged parent dressing up ‘for the kids’ you can’t deny there’s an energy in the air during this time of year and it’s a lovely way to let your hair down. There’s still plenty of time to gather some materials and create the perfect Halloween costume. Here’s our top tips for easy (unisex) costumes that require minimum effort but will definitely impress.

1.The ET Costume

This can work for any age really once you are old enough to cycle. All you need is bike with a basket, a red hoodie, blue jeans and an ET toy. If you can’t find an ET toy then print out an enlarged image of ET and stick it on any teddy wrapped in a blanket.

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2. Zipper Face

This is pretty gory but it’s up to you how realistic you want to make it. All you need is a zipper and some red face paint or fake blood. If you can get a zipper with material that matches your skin tone it will look more realistic. The good news is you can wear what you like with it.

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Orange is the New Black is one of the latest hit shows on Netflix and is good inspiration for a costume. A simple orange or brown prison jumpsuit is all you need and the more the merrier so tell all your mates to join you. Even better if one of you plays the prison guard complete with dodgy mustache.

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4. Breaking Bad

Probably the biggest hit show of the last decade, Breaking Bad only recently ended and so is still fresh in the minds of its fans. For those baldies out there Walter White is a perfect option. If you can’t locate a yellow jumpsuit and goggles then opt for the green shirt and y-fronts.

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5. Ventriloquist Dummy

All this involves is a steady hand and some make up. Slick your hair into a part with hair gel and team with a bow tie and a fancy suit, the more velvet the better.

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6. Comic Book Look

You don’t have to be any character in particular but just steal some key comic characteristics to create this cool pop art look. White face paint for the dots, heavy on the black eyeliner for the eyes and key outlines, some punchy, colourful caption like ‘POW’ and temporary bright hair dye. Can work for a guy or a gal.

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7. Cheap And Easy

Sometimes if all else fails you just have to go retro and you can’t go wrong with a bin bag and plastic mask from the pound shop, or eh, the Euro store. After breaking a tooth on a ring in the barmbrack the idea is to head outside and not to recognise anyone outside as they ramble around in their cheap sweaty masks and shopping bag full of sweets.

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