6 Ways to Keep Your Beers Cold Without A Fridge

Fancy a cool brew but have a full fridge? Warm beers are the bane of any party. We know when entertaining guests the fridge can fill fast. Here at HeitonBuckley we’ve come up with some foolproof ways to get those brews nicely chilled without a fridge.


1. Water
Leaving your ales in cool water is an easy way to keep them cool. This may be in your sink or if you’re camping in a nearby stream. Pro tip: If doing it at home you can reuse the water to water plants.

1. Water


2. Outdoor Brews
A great way to keep beers is chilled is just to leave them outdoors! Particularly in winter and autumn months just leaving beers outside can keep them nicely chilled. Lets be honest they could get pretty chilly during an Irish summer too!

2. Outdoors


3. Icy Ales
If you like chilly frosty ale, ice is the way for you. Using your own ice cubes or picking up a bag of ice from a shop or off license is an easy way to make this happen. Simply place your ales in a bucket or sink and fill with ice.



4. Coolers
Coolers work by keeping anything inside them insulated from the heat outside. So if you’re beers are chilled already chuck them in. If not, chuck them in with some ice.


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5. Beer Koozie
Beer koozies work on the same principal as coolers. They insulate the beer from the heat around it to keep it cool. Simple and comfy in the hand!


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6. The Evaporation Wrap Technique
Now for anyone who is a little nerdy the evaporation wrap technique is for you. Simply wrap your beers in a wet cloth or kitchen towel then as the water evaporates it causes the beer to cool. Check here for a full nerd demo: 

6. Evap