5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom The Perfect Haven

Light and Darkness

Probably the most important aspect to control, and the one which will make the biggest difference, is the amount of light in the room. During the day, you want a bright and well-lit room to fully enjoy the space. But come sunrise you want to ensure you don’t lose precious sleep time due to lack of sufficient blinds. Blackout curtains, stop light from passing through due to tight woven fabrics and can be used just like standard curtains.


The Bed

There may be a simple explanation to your achy back, an old decrepit mattress perhaps? A good mattress will last you a long time but many people fail to change theirs for decades. Investing in a sturdy but comfortable mattress may just change your life. If you’re going to upgrade your mattress, don’t stop there. There’s a reason high thread-counts and 100% cotton bedclothes are considered luxurious. Treat yourself!




Sometimes all you want to do after a long day at work is curl up in bed and watch TV, but this can interrupt the positive and relaxing vibe you are trying to create in your perfect bedroom haven. TVs live in living rooms and when you enter your bedroom at night, it should be for one, or two, things only. The main thing: sleep!



Keep it clean

It’s the first sight you behold in the morning and the last at night. What could be more important to your wellbeing and peace of mind than respecting your own private space where you spend most of your time (outside of work). Declutter your room, banish anything non-relaxing or clothes related and finally give your bedroom the respect it deserves.


Sentimental items

Tidying and decluttering expert (yes there is such a thing) Marie Kondo, says to let go of everything that doesn’t bring you joy. So in keeping with that idea, choose items that do bring you joy, be it photos or gifts, and display them proudly in your bedroom. Why not give yourself the lift of waking up to a clean room where the first things you see, are the things that make you happy