5 Footballers with Talents Off the Pitch

What these 5 football stars have in common is not just a quickness of foot and exceptional skills with a football but they also share an entrepreneurial spirit. World stardom, buckets of cash and a career on the pitch wasn’t enough for them, and they focused their attention on side projects. Not just any side projects either. Check out why these footballers are truly doing it themselves.

1) Craig Johnson – Predator Footall Boot

When Aussie footballer Craig Johnson hung up his boots he picked them right back up again to see how he could improve them. A few rubber strips here and there for friction and his prototype caught the attention of Adidas. His boots went on to become best sellers with many different versions over the years.

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2) Dion Dublin

This footballer is not only gifted in the sports but also possesses a passion for music that he didn’t just confine to a bit of a session at home but instead invented his own instrument. ‘The Dube’ is box shaped drum. What a dude.

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3) Jock Stein

Celtic Manager Stein led his team to win the European Cup in 1967. He did this in a unique way which had never been done before. He chose all of the players from within a 14 mile radius of Glasgow. Now that’s really doing it for yourself.

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4) Vinnie Jones

The only footballer to have a successful career as an actor (off the pitch anyway). His collaboration with Guy Ritchie for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels set his career in motion and his sights on Hollywood. While his acting range seems to sit somewhere between ‘thug for hire’ and ‘man-running-through-walls-with-steel-helmet-on’, it’s probably just as well for everyone that he channels all that aggression off-pitch in the make-believe.

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5) Djibril Cisse

This French footballer is a striker for more than one reason. Blessed with good looks Cisse likes to let his hair do the talking. Grey beard one day with a flash of a white mohawk and maybe a brilliant streak of green the next. His creativity knows no bounds, even if it sometimes clashes with his jersey.


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