21 Clever Tips To Childproof Your Home

‘You’d need eyes in the back of your head’ is a common refrain from parents of young children who realise that a moment’s carelessness could lead to an afternoon in A&E – or worse. They know that the chances of their child coming to harm in the home are greater than any stranger danger they might encounter outside. By taking the time to eliminate potential hazards, parents can relax in the knowledge that while their little explorers may be frustrated, at least they’ll be safe.

Keeping cots away from windows is advisable as children love to climb; placing anything poisonous under lock and key is common sense, and never leaving a child unattended in the bath is a must. Safety gates, child locks and sensible storage are all safeguards that allow parents to breathe easily so that in years to come, when faced with surly teens, they can smile serenely and survey a job well done.

21 clever tips to childproof your home


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