15 Storage Ideas For A Clutter-Free Life

We don’t tend to throw away items at the same speed as we accumulate them into our homes. As a result many homes are a stress-filled mess of clutter and misused spaces. There are many simple tactics to help you gain a clutter-free life. Here are 15…

1) The Bottom Drawer

Everyone has a drawer that’s full of ‘things’. You know the one; Loose pens, takeaway menus, a random door knob and mystery keys that you’re too afraid to bin. Well here’s a quick and simple way to organise them. Don’t throw away those little gift boxes or sturdy cardboard boxes, instead use them as a way of organising your bits and bobs in your drawers.



2) Under the shelf

A great way to increase storage space using what you already have is to fix jars to the underneath of shelves. They can be used in the kitchen to store dry goods or in the garage/work space to store screws etc. By drilling the lids to the underside it will allow you to simply screw the jars loose.



3) Side of the shelf

Appliances like hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs can clutter up a surface in no time. You can avoid that by storing them at the side of a desk/shelf in a handy mesh file holder. This also is a good place to allow them to cool once you’ve finished using them.



4) Wine rack towel holder

Free up some space in the hot press and cupboards by mounting a wine rack in the bathroom to store hand and bath towels. Just roll them up to sloth them in you’ve got a neat and stylish display.



5) Pocket Organisers

It makes a huge difference to clear up counter space and pocket/shoe organisers are a quick and cheap way to organise’ fiddly’ items. Simply hang the longer ones on the back of wardrobe and cupboard doors or customise by cutting in half for shorter spaces like under the sink.



6) Extension cables

Extension cables are handy, yes, but tend to clutter up the floor space. Safely store them away in your office area by attaching a small basket to the underside of your desk or table.



7) Under the bed

The space under the bed is just waiting to be used and can be utilised to store away items you don’t need to access that often. Not all beds have much space underneath so using bed risers can solve this problem and offer up height for a few boxes.



8) Slide-out rack

Getting to the frying pan or pot you want can sometimes be a bit of a hassle and end up in a lot of noise and frustration trying to fit it all back in. If you take a small bit of effort to install a slide-out rack then the pay-off is a fuss-free cooking experience.



9) Shower Curtain Hooks

Using shower curtain hooks in your wardrobe will allow you to squeeze in a few key items like handbags and accessories that you use often and to store at an easily accessible height.



10) Boxes

Boxes are pretty obvious storage solutions but nicer boxes like colourful or wicker ones can make a nice and easy shelf when mounted on its side.



11) Roll and fold

Simply changing the way you fold your tops and t-shirts can change your organising habits for the better. A neat roll and fold will allow you to fit twice the amount into your drawers and most importantly, allows you to access them all easily. And, no, it doesn’t crease them.



12) Wine boxes

If you fancy yourself as a wine connoisseur, then you probably buy in bulk and have some empty wine boxes lying around. These are great for doubling as shoe boxes. You can stash four pairs in the bottom of your cupboard without taking up too much room.



13) Tiny shelves
Install small and thin shelves within your cupboards to store your dry stock and create a bit more space. Cans of beans, sauces and dry spices can take up a lot of room even though they are relatively small. This will ensure you can distinguish the Turmeric from the Cumin at a moment’s notice.



14) Shower pockets

These genius shower curtains will negate any need for an extra shower caddy or shelves for holding extra bottles. You’ll be more inclined to use all your products as they float straight in front of you as you shower.



15) Pallet storage

Your garden may need a helping hand too and we’re not all so lucky to have a shed. A simple pallet can go a long way for tidying up your garden tools and if you paint it, you can make it look pretty.