11 Simple Garden Ideas for You to do Today

  1. Hanging Baskets

Morning Glories are traditionally climbing plants but growing them in a hanging basket makes for a lovely hanging plant. A great option for smaller gardens or balcony gardens. If hanging more than one, make sure they are spaced well apart or else their vines will entangle. They prefer sunny spots and will produce lots of green foliage interspersed with lovely purple blooms. Make sure to line your basket with a planting liner before putting the soil and seeds in.

Morning Glories


  1. Vegetable Pots

You don’t need to invest in new containers and pots every time you want to plant something. A simple kitchen colander is perfect for growing herbs or vegetables like Rocket, for example. Place your planting liner inside the colander and add compost and water retaining granules before the seeds. Add a little water to keep moist. You can add four lengths of chain then, hooking them into the colander holes with s-shaped hooks and joining the chains at the top onto a keyring hoop to hang. Alternatively you can just tie string to the handles,but be wary of weight as the plant grows.

Kitchen Colander


  1. Baskets of Herbs

The beauty of growing herbs is that there are so many variations. You can choose from a multitude of containers, grow them inside or out and reap the benefits of your labour. You can buy a cheap wicker basket in your local hardware store and line with some black plastic, make sure to cut a few slits for drainage.  Add your compost and water retaining granules before planting your herbs. Place the smaller ones at the front. Water well and enjoy!

Herb basket


  1. Tiny Terrariums

Tiny terrariums are an simple way to bring a bit of the outside in with little to no maintenance. Choose a few heavy-based tumbler glasses and spoon in some potting mixture. Make a small dip and remove your chosen small plant from its pot and carefully insert. Spoon some gravel and sand to cover the mix (avoiding your plant). The fun part is decorating with shells or stones. If you’re making them with children you can add some small toys too.

Terrariums 1


  1. Vertical gardens

If you can secure a wooden drinks/wine box, hang on to it as it’s perfect for making your very own vertical garden. Fill the box two thirds full with potting mixture.  Measure and cut some wire mesh to fit across the whole box and staple in place. Cut a vertical hole over each compartment to make two flaps and open out a little. Carefully place in your plants and pack up with more potting mixture. Push the flaps back to secure plants in place.Leave flat for two weeks to allow the plants to settle, then prop up against a wall. You can fill in any gaps with moss for a cleaner aesthetic.

Vertile Garden


  1. Herb Trolleys

Any small trolley can be retired and put to use as a herb trolley. Line each shelf with some cut up black sacks and make some slits for drainage. Add a small layer of sand or fine gravel then top with potting mix. Pop in your plants or herbs and voila! Water regularly and feed with plant fertilizer.

Herb Trolley


  1. Homemade Compost

Not the most exciting job to do but it’s necessary and is the grassroots of all gardening. Home compost bins can be made using wood or bricks. Wood is best as it allows the compost to breathe and keeps it warm too. All your garden waste and vegetable materials can be piled in to you compost just make to chop any woody bits first. Kitchen waste like tea, coffee and eggshells can be used but avoid cooked food and non-vegetables. Turn out onto a plastic sheet every two weeks to fork, until it’s that lovely brown and crumbly texture. Then it’s ready to use.

Homemade Compost


  1. Bird Bath

Incredibly simple but looks rustic and makes for a lovely addition to any garden. Try to source some leftover bricks, how high you make the bird bath is up to you. Stack the bricks into a column then cover the top with a piece of wood. Place a ceramic or terracotta bowl on top and fill with water and wait for the birds to come.

Bird Bath


  1. A Grand Entrance

This one make take a bit more effort but a grand entrance to your garden sets the tone and offers a bit of flair and formality. Plant some slow-growing conifers or evergreens either site of the entrance to your garden and mark with a few heavy stones for extra impact.

Grand Entrance


  1. Fragrant Herbs

Choose some fragrant herbs to plant in your kitchen window. The scent alone will inspire you to integrate them into your cooking and is a simple but evocative way to bring some nature inside. Some suggestions are Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Mint and Thyme.

Fragrant Herbs


  1. Add Some Height

We can forget to look up when we are gardening and keep everything down on the ground. Create some height in your garden by adding some tall classic columns or structures. You can also experiment with hanging plants and lights to lift the eye from the ground.