11 Inspired IKEA Hacks to Transform Your Home

Hacking Ikea items to repurpose them for your home has become a bit of a trend as we all strive to express ourselves and our sense of style. It doesn’t have to be an Ikea item however, these hacks can be applied to any furniture and items you come across on your DIY missions.

DIY Lantern

There are many things you can do with indoor lanterns, besides using them for candles. One such use is an indoor terrarium. The glass panels and height of this white lantern are perfect for making your own miniature garden zoo. Use some sealant to secure the edges and fill with rocks and gravel on the bottom, top with soil, moss and plants. A few mini decorations such as shells or toys will add some flourish.



Picture ledges

Varying in sizes and widths, these picture ledges are perfect for holding just about anything, as long as it’s not too bulky. Perfect for a mini spice rack in the kitchen, a holder for useful bathroom items to be placed above the sink or small ornaments and precious books above a desk.



Utility cart

This one handy little item can be used in multiple rooms for a number of purposes. In the bathroom it can be used a rolling vanity trolley that allows you to store essential hair, body and make-up items all in one place. In the kitchen it can be used to store fruit and veg or bulky items like bottles and oils or out the back as a mini-plant container.




This is a great one for families with young kids who can often trail their shoes and belongings across the house as they come in. With Ikea bookcases you will be making them up yourself and if you have trouble finishing projects that’s no problem. With this project you only have to make half of it. Just leave out the shelves in the middle, spacing them as you please, and install rails and hooks to hang your coats and bags. Simple. If you use more than one, it may be handy to screw the bookcases together to keep it all as one unit.



Magnetic racks

These magnetic strips are great for holding knives and spice containers, but they can also be a fun way to store certain toys and belongings such as cars and keys. They might even encourage your kids to clean up too.



Customised shelves

The Ikea Billy bookshelves are among the most popular in the furniture giant’s repertoire and this hack turns three bookcases into a beautiful custom-made affair. While this hack is not impossible it’s on the harder end of the scale and is probably one for a seasoned DIYer. Find out how to put it together here:



Rustic coffee table

Ikea is full of basic tables and coffee tables and this simple hack is a great starting project for a DIY novice. If your table is already low then you’re good to go, otherwise you’ll need to measure and saw the legs off a higher table to bring it down to size. You’ll then need to source eight 1 x 1 x 4’s and get them cut to the size of your table top. Sand and stain the wood and then glue and clamp it to set for 24 hours. Follow the easy guide here:



Mid-century modern coffee table

Not everyone can afford to fork out for a mid-century modern table and with this hack you get a fancy antique-looking table that’s unique and homemade. It involves taking a white Lack table from Ikea, screwing the legs off and replacing them with legs some tapered table legs bought from an online site such as eBay. Follow the easy guide here:



Fancy Cat litter

This fancy cat litter compartment, keeps unsightly litter trays out of sight and is perfect for small houses or apartments. It requires two small cabinets with drilling required to cut holes cut into the adjoining walls for your cat to hop in and out. Follow the easy guide here:



Night lights

These homemade LED lights can add an ambient atmosphere and warm lighting to any bedroom and are perfect for small rooms where space for a bedside table is not an option. Follow the guide here:



Window herb garden

If space is an issue but you’d love to try your hand at some simple plant-minding, then this Ikea hack is for you. It repurposes a shower rail by adding some hooks and hanging pots to hang your herbs or plants across a window frame. Use some spray paint on the hooks and pots to match the rod for a more unifying feel. Follow the guide here: