11 Home Decor Styles To Keep You ‘on trend’ For 2016

1) Statement Mirrors

Top home decor site and app Houzz has made some predictions for the year based on their data and research which include statement mirrors. Taking inspiration from fashion’s large and colour statement necklaces, expect to find departures from the traditional square mirrors that adorn many a bathroom wall. The quirkier they are, the better.

Statement Mirror



2) Statement pendants

Forget your standard light-fixture, bathrooms aren’t the only rooms making a statement. Dining rooms are too with shiny new and unique statement pendants.

Statement Pendant



3) Digital-free rooms

Another thing Houzz users seem to be excited about, are digital-free living rooms. With so much chatter and noise online these days, more and people are opting to unplug and embrace mindfulness and quality time with loved ones. A room that’s not centred all around a Smart TV or some sort of digital unit may entice more people to talk to each other or at least sit in silence and enjoy the calm. And do you know what? It doesn’t cost anything.




4) Coffee makers

Instant coffee simply won’t do. French press set-ups and Nespresso machines have become the norm in home brewing but the latest trend for home caffeine hits is the simple AeroPress. While coffee connoisseurs have long -known about these, the home market has been slower to catch on, perhaps due to its non-flashy appearance and cheap retail price. But you can’t put a price on taste and it sure delivers there.




5) Health-related appliances

It’s becoming the norm for the average household to have a blenders but the juicers and fancy Nutri-bullets are becoming a necessity as healthy smoothie and juice recipes inundate our social media streams. While not quite for the home, health related wearable tech devices are taking the world by storm from heart monitors, virtual reality headsets, pedometers and sleep tracking devices.




6) Smart home appliances

You’ve heard of the smart tv but have you met the smart fridge? Samsung have introduced a touchscreen, internet-enabled fridge that makes dietary suggestions, alerts you to when your greens are about to go off and allows you to check what’s in your fridge when you’re down at the supermarket. It will set you back $5000 however.



Something that’s more affordable and an investment is Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo speaker with the super-efficient digital assistant Alexa. More and more products are integrating their software to work in conjunction with ‘her’ and can help order an Uber or pizza as well as control home systems.


7) Texture

We’re talking natural fibres and finishes, faux furs, smooth or worn leather, coloured silks and woven fabrics. Mix and match textures even within the same piece of furniture to add depth and interest in your home. Anything goes so have fun!




8) Innovation

Homemade items interspersed with shop-bought items. Whether it’s items you’ve hung on to since the up-cycling revolution or a nice crafty cushion you made that you can’t bear to part with, it’s a sign of your creativity and should be celebrated. Not feeling very crafty? Integrate a piece by a local designer instead.




9) Black metal

Like the wrought iron fad from year ago, simple black metal structures for tables, chairs and light fixtures are making a comeback.




10) Colour

Soft blues and greys are set to pop up everywhere even blending into the purples and pinks. Colour doesn’t have to mean bright, dark statement walls can add a touch of class to a living or dining room. but as always it’s about balance and contrast and all of the above should be balanced with neutral colours and shades.




11) Nature

With the current fascination on health and organic living, it makes sense to bring a bit of the outside into our homes. Whether it’s hanging plants and window herb gardens a bit of green dotted about the place will make your home a healthy green space and haven. Just don’t forget to water them.




What’s SO over in 2016



We’ve all been there, feeling slightly out of place in a coffee shop, precariously balancing on awkward metal stools, feet dangling, ducking to avoid swinging-exposed lightbulbs while drinking a ‘flat white’ out of a mason jar. Once a decor trend starts popping up in bog-standard cafes all over the country you can be sure it’s ‘so over’ and this is the case with Industrial style. Enough! We’re all for saving by upcycling items and furniture but it’s been taken too far. At least for now…